Kalinews software creates articles stored in XML for editors, freelance and reporters; it inegrates an editorial workflow, FTP or SMTP transmission, local headers management, tagged text export for NewsML or NITF, calibration, formats and annotations - edited by SOFT EXPERIENCE

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KaliNews - Editorial text editor software for newspapers with word counter,

KaliNews 2.06 : an XML editorial word processor software designed for journalists of newspaper industry


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KaliNews 2.06 is an editorial word processor to create articles automatically formatted in XML and dedicated to:
  • daily press or magazines writers
  • content portals writers
  • freelance journalists and press correspondents
It is an extremely flexible and customizable piece of software - the same tool can be deployed for writers, freelance journalists or correspondents to harmonize data sent to editors from anywhere. Kalinews software to format aticles for newspapers

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(July 2006)

KaliNews 2.06 provides original features for newspapers and magazines editorial teams compared to standard word processors like Word or OpenOffice.org


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Interview Gazette de l'IFRA 2004:
XML's Relashionhip to publishing systems P.12

  Features and benefits
  • Use of public and documented XML formats to store stories and also the configuration of the software.

  • Flexible and customizable interface: only one XML configuration file to completely handle all functionalities available for the writer, menus and messages definition. Personalization or translation of the software is thus very easy.

  • Automatic update of the configuration on remote client workstations by checking the XML configuration file.

  • Five possible views for a story: information and synthetic view, integral story, text zoom, photos associated with a story, teleprompter.

  • Management of information associated to the story (metadata): date and/or publication number, edition, heading, sub-heading, associated forms, classification plan(taxonomy) , keywords nomenclatures.

  • Management of local headings.

  • Control of authorized text elements and photos associated with the story according to form types.

  • Characters counters foreach text element, characters and words counter for selected text.

  • Text copyfit and control for each text element according form selected

  • Search tools: based on articles content, on general or local headings, on classification plan

  • Offline text editing mode for the remote correspondents and freelance journalists, direct connection and transfer to the newspaper to send materials:

    • Using an integrated FTP client - possibility to send articles to several FTP servers; transmission of several articles with attached photos within the same operation and update of a sending log.

    • Using an integrated SMTP client - possibility to send a message or an article to multiple SMTP servers (emails to mailboxes)

  • Provides a log of articles and photos sent to editors.

  • Integrated editorial workflow (workflow on a file server) using individual baskets and baskets by service: individual sending, sending to the service, reception, interception.

  • Log of editorial transmissions

  • Text attributes and formatting: bold, italics, underline, superscript, multiple subtitles.

  • Auto typography management : no breaking spaces around punctuation, automatic French quotation marks, suppression of successive spaces.

  • Text editing and formatting help: uppercase/lowercase conversion, special characters, automatic dialog forms .

  • Multiple clipboard allowing to store easily multiple texts
  • Integrated News monitoring for Press Agencies news wires using NewsML format (AFP, Reuters)
  • Ability to run  external applications.

  • Text-to-speech facility (needs Microsoft Text-to-speech component)

  • Ability to run Internet contextual search: searching synonyms, searching on Google for example.

  • Automatic save of the current story at periodic and customizable time intervals.

  • Undo/Redo function.

  • Word spell checker or Synapse Cordial spell checker

  • Synonyms proposition

  • Words statistics

  • Direct import of RTF and Word files (Word required).

  • Automatic filling of Caption and Credit fields from corresponding IPTC fields of photos used in the story.

  • Integration with Kalimages to caption and search digital images into a photo database

  • Automatic indexation of IPTC keywords from attached photos.

  • Tips of the day to help learning and use the software.

  • Preferences to customize the interface and the behavior of the software.

  • Direct export of story to RTF or PDF format (see example on KaliNews FAQ ).

  • HTML and XSL-FO exports integrated using XSL transformations.

  • Exports to prepress formats: NewsML , NITF, InDesign (tagged text), XPress (tagged text), RSS 2.0 or to other specialized editorial systems.

  • Possibility to directly store XML/NewsML/NITF documents in native XML database Ixiasoft TextML to manage document versions, search documents, publish to Web, etc.

Technical architecture

KaliNews 2.06 uses Microsoft MSXML 4.0 parser.
Supported systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003

For further technical or commercial information about KaliNews 2.0 nomadic computing tool, feel free to contact us
     suggestions and comment are welcome. Fax : +33(0)1 69 51 06 73 Phone : +33(0) 06 26 25 11 40

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