BriefAudit utility tracks user update access to files - by Soft Experience

BriefAudit 1.0 softwareDownload BriefAudit software auditing tool and try it for free

Audit last user and change dates and keep history into files comments property field,  
Put audit file modifications in Windows 2000 and Macintosh files comments.

Are you having trouble keeping track of last users that modified a file? BriefAudit will be set up by network administrators to put this report about document changes history on comment file property for later auditing. 

BriefAudit audit software selects files changes events in NT4/NT2000 standard Security Log and writes the selected events in the corresponding Windows 2000 and/or Macintosh files comments field.
It selects files modifications events in the standard Security Log, keeping only the essential information: 
Date and time of file modification, Modifier's identification.

Once activated you will be able to ask: show me the last 3 dates when ThisFile has been updated, who did it ?Just right click on the file ThisFile and select Properties [using Windows 2000 Explorer] or Command+I [using Macintosh finder].

Purchase: single license : 25$US      
Special promotion: SITE License for only 77$US !  Buy Now at Reg.Net
lets you install it in all computers of your Company site.

Program Screen shot:

BriefAudit screen shows metadata information - history events of file changes
BriefAudit running on a Windows 2000 Server

Main features

Screen shots for PC and Mac documents:

History of file changements is stored in comment field : timestamp, user

File changes are stored into Macintosh comments

Windows 2000 comment for file Document2.qxd
(select Properties using Explorer)

Macintosh comment for file Document2.qxd
(Command+I using Finder)

( samples screen shots in  French )

How to enable auditing on certain files/directories ?

Read for example Microsoft Knowledge Base and Savill's FAQ following articles:

How to activate Security Event Logging in Windows NT 4.0 ?
How do I enable auditing ?
Enable Auditing in Windows 2000
How do I enable auditing on certain files/directories ?
Where are the Security event ID's listed ?

Conditions of use

Download and register

To get a full trial version Download BriefAudit (2540 Kb) , and try it. You need to register to avoid periodic message box when comments are written.

  Buy BriefAudit Now using the secure server You will rapidly receive your activation key by e-mail.
Price is 26 € ( 25 US $).
For large number of licenses, please contact us for a quotation.   
For any information, suggestion or if you need a particular function in this utility, send a message to Patrick Peccatte

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