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  Download Catalogue software V4.2 and test it collecting and extracting your metadata from document files or digital photos v4.2.26

Listing folders and documents summary information, extraction of file properties and metadata capture, creation of HTML file catalogs including hypertext links and building XML reports

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Software for extended listings of folders contents in interactive mode and in command line. File cataloging utility that enables quick creation of HTML pages listing files and associated metadata, managing and updating document properties associated with such files as: Microsoft Office, retrieve information from, StarOffice, Visio documents, PDF documents, export metadata from photos JPEG, Tiff images (IPTC fields).

Metadata Miner Catalogue PRO also enables Adobe XMP file information (eXtensible Metadata Platform) metadata extraction from documents produced by recent Adobe applications and XSL transformation on metadata extracted listings converting to Dublin Core RDF, CSV, SVG and other custom presentations for common uses or in a Content Management System Architecture

Allows companies to quickly gather summary information from MS Office, Adobe documents and other source documents, and easily move that meta data into XML or post it on shared drives as an HTML documentation catalog index with hypertext links to access files.

Helps in mass update of standard and custom file properties in a folder and sub-folders to easily change a set of documents and include metadata in Word and other Office files. This Professional version lets you call it from command-line to extract metadata for batch processing and optionally run a XSL transformation delivered with the program or your own XSL. Companion tool in classifying documents tasks and works also as a batch jpeg metadata extractor.

Benefits :

Create directory listing via html: generate an html page from a windows directory capturing document properties.

Viewing and managing documents metadata directly using contextual menu: open, delete, rename or change metadata

Multimedia and Graphic cataloging tool organizing and presenting HTML customized pages. 

IPTC-NAA information retrieval for images -  jpeg and Tiff files  

Easy navigation in predefined catalogs displayed as grids

Metadata viewer for Ms Word, Excel, with sorting capability  by columns; Gathering Metadata

Highlight files with metadata 
Keyword extractor from document

Filters by document type and by metadata type

HTML report includes a menu box. Example :
An example of dropdown menu added to HTML report by Catalogue Metadata Extractor to rapidly navigate in your listings
Easily display folders as list on a web page.


Screen Shot : easily retrieve file properties, extract metadata from Excel, Word, PDF files

The main Window of MetadataMiner software display the folder content with properties and metadata selected : file size, author, category, iptc fields, adobe xmp, keywords, ntfs file properties, copyright, origin, ... and extract metadata into XML format file - Office and photoshop metadata export - document properties reader  

You can easily define the contents (list of local or network folders and file types to display) and layout (header, footer, title and associated images). You save options of the output in a configuration file including language, so you can easily switch from one catalogue in French to another in English

Each predefined catalog is stored in a configuration file. Different configuration files let you quickly generate different sets of reports.
MetadataMiner Catalogue PRO is shipped with four predefined user interface languages: English, French, German, Portuguese. You can easily modify or add your own user interface language.

MetadataMiner Catalogue lets you define your own titles for folders displayed in the HTML reports  instead of folder path.

 Catalogue creates your files library with many custom presentations examples of HTML reports (web pages) and how to cleanse metadata
MS Office and OpenOffice document properties viewver 

Main Features

Collects, extracts metadata for a directory of files and manages the following metadata

  • Microsoft Office summary information - document properties reader for: Application name, Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Template, Comments, Last author, Revision number, Number of pages, Number of paragraphs, Number of lines, Number of words, Number of characters, Number of bytes, Number of notes, Number of slides, Manager, Company, Category, Security flags, Creation date, Last accessed date, Last print date, Edition time, get file type.
    This kind of data are included for example in Powerpoint presentations, Word or Excel metadata fields.

  • Summary information of any Windows 2000 file (note: Microsoft has introduced the ability to add many of file properties to any file located on a Windows 2000 NTFS formatted drive) - display and extract ntfs format properties

  • and StarOffice SummaryInformation: Generator [Application], Title, Description [Comments], Subject, Keywords, Initial creator [Author], Creator [Last author], Printed by, Creation date, Last save date, Last print date, Template, Language, Editing cycles [Revision number], Editing duration [Editing time], Number of pages, Number of tables, Number of draws, Number of OLE objects, Number of paragraphs,  Number of words, Number of characters, Number of rows [lines], Number of cells, Number of objects. OOO metadata

  • User-defined information of any Microsoft Office or document. You can collect up to 14 user-defined properties.
  • Macintosh comments of any Macintosh file stored on NTFS volumes (running on NT 4.0 or Windows 2000).

  • Title of HTML documents (text between <title> and </title> tags) and metadata in <meta> tags according to Dublic Core schema ( IETF RFC 2731 ): keyword analysis of html pages

  • PDF Document information: Encrypted, Version, Author, Creation Date, Mod Date, Creator, Producer, Title, Subject, Keywords, get PDF page counter - extracting data from adobe document. Metadataminer software is also an adobe metadata reader.

  • IPTC-NAA fields for JPEG/TIFF/PSD images: Object Name, Edit Status, Priority, Category, Supplemental Category, Fixture Identifier, Keywords, Release Date, Release Time, Special Instructions, Reference Service, Reference Date, Reference Number, Created Date, Created Time, Originating Program, ProgramVersion, Object Cycle, Byline, Byline Title, City, Province/State, Country Code, Country, Original Transmission Reference, Headline, Credit, Source, Copyright, Caption, Local Caption, Caption Writer, Image Type - an IPTC-aware software that answers how to capture metadata and extract the IPTC data fields from images - extracting data from digital pictures.

  • Adobe XMP (eXtensible Metadata Platform) metadata which can be associated with documents produced by Adobe's last versions software: Photoshop 7.0, Acrobat 5.0, FrameMaker 7.0, GoLive 6.0, InDesign 2.0, InCopy 2.0, Illustrator 10.0, LiveMotion 2.0.

Quickly generates different file formats outputs of predefined catalogs and exports metadata

  • Interactive report with meta data information retrieval

  • HTML report for selected files metadata of one directory or set of directories with customized presentation (html catalog generator)

  • XML formated reports with all metadata of folders and sub-folders contents for data share and exchange (generate xml folder content directory)

  • You will be able to generate any HTML, RTF, TXT, CSV, etc. report processing an XML export file with the appropriate XSL transformation .
    Many XSL transformations are shipped with the program - including transformations into RDF (see below )

  • You can also populate metadata databases from Catalogue export files using XML professional tools for data integration.

  • CSV export report of selected files metadata for future use by another application.
     CSV (comma delimited) file format is easily opened with spreadsheets programs (MS Excel for example).

  • MS Word report (Word 97 or Word 2000 for example) of selected metadata properties.

Catalogue runs on Windows 95/98/ME/XP, NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 and allows for file properties to be read and export into a manipulative format in DMS / CMS systems

Selection of metadata to display or to report including adobe iptc fields, Microsoft word metadata, xmp-based and many other


UNC support when selecting folders for Catalogue





Online help for detailed instructions to work with Catalogue (F1)

How to extract IPTC info from images and other metadata fields from photos including xmp-based, fileproperties

microsoft word metadata also includes the possibility to add customized fields


Mass metadata editor tool: 

Mass documents update function to easily modify a set of MS Office or Windows 2000 documents properties: you can apply the same modification to all the files of a directory (change company name, author, category, files keywords properties, etc.) including sub-folders. The conditions lets you modify a property only when there is a  match with a defined condition; A productivity software tool for forensic companies to explore or tag Office documents such as keywords documents. The update function will also work as a metadata removal tool for Microsoft Office documents if needed setting property fields empty or blank. Metadataminer software helps for mass populating  keywords in Office documents. The software incorporates information for data enrichment and categorization into Microsoft Office documents attaching embedded attributes, descriptions that helps data searching or analysis. This metadata will be available in XML exports used for data gathering requirements and integration with procurement, knowledge,  content management systems.

Mass update function screen. Metadataminer Catalogue creates the user defined properties if they does not exist yet. Conditional updates. Mass edit summary info on files

You can modify a set of document properties on a folder including all files in its subdirectories and also filter documents by extension for example to update only word documents. Easy metadata cleanup. As an example you can use Metadataminer to change the company in the file properties to the new name when a Company is purchased by another and you need to do a mass change switching sets of documents to the new value.

Metadataminer Catalogue Pro tool for archivists and records managers will help on cataloging tasks adding the essential annotations to MS files to enable access, understanding of its provenance, identification, interpretation.


Files metadata extracting tool to export into XML without programming skills and display XML using XSL transformations (needs Microsoft MSXML 4.0 available for free here ). Facilitates analysis of metadata attributes and tasks related to the need for ongoing data migration from one media or software format to another in particular for digital libraries management.

Metadataminer allows you to select a parent folder and extract information (fileproperties) from all files in all its sub folders:

Build your xml file and apply an XSL to create a specific presentation.

Catalogue helps learning metadata concepts, XML, XSL, RDF presentation standards

RDF Resource Description Framework Icon

Many XSL transformations delivered - including to generate RDF or XSL-FO reports,
see following samples:

Download Now v4.2.26 (2680 Kb) and try the software before you buy. Last update : 09/01/2008.
The demo version of
Metadata Miner Catalogue PRO lets you test the product in your environment in interactive mode. 
Registered software allows to use interactive and command line in a batch to also export into an XML file all the metadata extracted from directories and optionally apply an XSL transformation. 

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For a standard version of the html catalog generator software without command line features see Catalogue software.

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