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Hodnoceni Idem File and disk synchronizing utility to easily synchronize files locally or on a network

Hodnocení data replikační

Idem :  Zálohovací a synchronizační program synchronisation de fichiers avec Idem Programa em português

Software určený k zálohování a synchronizování, to je Idem. Tento program je určen k ukládání záložních kopií důležitých souborů a složek ve Windows NT/2000/XP.

Zvládá automatické ukládání, kontrolu změn sledovaných souborů a také podporuje parametry souborů a složek uložené na discích NTFS. S programem Idem můžete také přenášet data přes LAN

Veškeré parametry lze samozřejmě nastavit podle vašich potřeb. Idem můžete spustit jako úlohu ve Windows nebo v příkazovém řádku.

Podporovaný operační systém: Windows 95/98/ME,  Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000, 2003,  Windows XP

  Registracni poplatek 120 US ie 84.45€  v ceně  Windows service mode

License Agreement

Idem File Synchronization & Folder Replication utility, mirroring Windows files 
and for Macintosh files saved on NT/2000/XP  and Linux servers with WinNT emulators 
Multi-language support, networking backup v2.2h.  

We offer interesting volume discount pricing: more information here

Special promotions:5 licenses pack $450 10 licenses pack $820 (81.52€ per copy)
Idem can check and copy files with folders security information
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Charakteristiky English: 

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FAQ answers common user questions.

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Idem Main Screen - For each folder you can click on the small clock named set in order to: set the time between two mirroring operations, choose the update mode, configure your synchonisation, software in English, logiciel en Français, programa em Português

Other advantages when using Idem to secure Macintosh files stored on a Windows NT/2000/XP servers:

- avoid a Macintosh replication task which is often executed on a dedicated Mac machine.
- reduce network overhead.
- increase speed of mirroring.
- automatic start-up at server boot.

Synchronize a laptop: the command line flag -u

When you run the program with the command line flag -u [for unknown], Idem stops if any defined folder is unknown. This will help when you are using Idem to synchronize a laptop on a network since Idem is only loaded and running when the laptop is connected to the network.

Installation and customer support:

The software delivered as a compressed file includes a setup procedure to guide you during installation; we provide email support and help available through the program interface menu in English, French, Portuguese according to current language used. At any moment to can switch from one language to another.

Haven't tried it yet? Download Idem v2.2 (2204 Kb) and try it now! The version is complete but needs a registration key to be fully operational. Without registration, you will evaluate the software for  mirror on three couples of source/target folders. 

Purchase Information:

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The registration fee for one copy is 120 USD 
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2  to 4  licenses             =    84.45 $
US per copy
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10 licenses
and above  =   68.56 $ US per copy

This entitles you to free email support. 
    Unit Price : 120 USD Secure purchasing. 
ou will get your registration key rapidly by email

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Using Idem menus:

Online help for detailed instructions to work with Idem (F1)

 Create target folders using Windows Explorer. Idem uses existing source and target folders.
Idem uses logical drives (letters C:, D:, E:, etc.) or UNC (Universal Naming Convention) names as \\Server\Share\Folder. Examples:
- for secure a folder C:\My Data on Server 1 toward a folder D:\My Data on Server 2, Server 2 must be connected to Server 1 using D: as a drive letter.
- secure a folder \\Server1\Share\My data on \\Server2\Share\My data.

Install Idem.
Choose language using the Language menu (French, English, Portuguese).
If you want to mirror two equivalent folders structures on two different servers, define the Default drive/UNC prefix for target folders in the Configuration menu. Examples:
- if D: is the default drive for target folders, adding C:\My Data as a source folder will add automatically D:\My Data as the corresponding target folder.
- if \\Server2\Share is the default UNC prefix for target folders, adding \\Server1\Share\My data as a source folder will add automatically \\Server2\Share\My data as the corresponding target folder.

Define the list of source folders using the Add button down left.
The corresponding target folder is automatically defined if you have set the default drive or UNC prefix for target folders (cf. supra).
Invalid folder names are preceded by three interrogation marks.
Macintosh folders are preceded by a Mac icon.

For each folder you can click on the small clock named set in order to :
- define the time between two mirroring operations for the given folder using a multiple of the default time. The default time is set in the menu Configuration/Set default time between two mirroring operations. For example, if the default time is 10 seconds, you can set the time between two mirrorings of the considered folder to 10, 20, 30, etc. seconds.
- move file from the source folder toward the target folder. Files are deleted from the source folder after each mirroring operation.
- rename moved Macintosh files substituting a dash to the characters /, \, <, >, etc. in their names.
- delete old files in the target folders: the files in the target folder which have not corresponding source files are removed.

Choose one of the following update modes:
1. update if the file is different in the source and target folders
2. update if the file in the source folder is newer than the corresponding file in the target folder

To modify a folder name, select it and click on the Modify button (source or target), or double-click on the folder name.
To remove couples of folders (source and target) from the mirroring list, select them and click on the Remove button.

To start mirroring, click on the central button with arrow or choose the File/Start mirroring menu.
To stop mirroring, click on the same central button (Stop) or choose the File/Stop mirroring menu.
The minimized Idem window is invisible in the Task Bar and the status of the program is shown in the Task Notification Area (TNA: the small area in the Task Bar where Windows displays time).
Double left click on the Idem icon in TNA displays its window again; rigth click allows Start/Stop mirroring and exiting the program.

Menus :

Files :

  • Start mirroring and Stop mirroring
  • Show main window
  • Exit
  • Include sub-folders in mirroring
  • Remove old files/folders from target folders (default value)
  • Check and copy attributes
  • Security information (DACL permissions/NT)
  • Set default time between two mirroring operations
  • Set performance
  • Default drive/UNC prefix for target folders
  • Warning on unknown folder
    [display and Log messages, beep warning, net send message]
  • Display files in the selected folders
  • Automatic start up
  • Install/remove Idem Service

Logs :

  • Archive mirroring operations in Log files
  • Check Logs
  • Remove Log files automatically

Language :

  • Français
  • English
  • Português


  • Help

  • Register Idem

  • About…


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