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MacNames :  automatically converting Mac filenames to Windows, adding extensions

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Has been awarded a 4 stars at ZNDnet review

Support & FAQ

MacNames helps Windows-Macintosh cross-platform integration . This specialized Windows application is able to rename automatically Macintosh files stored on a Windows NT or 2000 / XP Server, removing illegal characters and adding filenames extensions; then Windows can identify the appropriate applications associated with renamed files.

Some characters like /, \, <, >, ?, etc. are allowed in Macintosh filenames but are illegal for most Windows applications. In addition, Macintosh files do not need any extensions. A Quark XPress document named Advert 2000/12/11 - a usual name in Macintosh world - is not easily handled by Windows applications. Moreover this document has no icon and cannot be opened using double-click. MacNames renames it automatically in Advert 2000-12-11.qxd mapping slashs to dashes (for example) and adding the qxd extension which is specific to Quark XPress documents. The renamed document is then usable by Windows applications, gets its Windows icon and can be opened using a double-click.

There are many applications allowing to rename filenames for cross-platform purpose: Name Cleaner , A Better Finder Rename , DropRename , PC Migrator for PC MacLan , FileBuddy , The Associator , Stella's Mover , etc. All are Macintosh applications.

MacNames is probably the only Windows software dedicated to rename Macintosh files stored on an NT or 2000 /XP Server. 

  • renaming process is on a Server instead on a Macintosh Workstation

  • no network overhead
  • check continuously predefined folders
  • can be installed as a Windows NT or 2000 or Windows XP Service.

Renommage de fichiers Macintosh avec MacNames Programa em português  

Main Features

  • Mapping of illegal characters ( /, \, <, >, ?, *, etc.) can be easily modified
  • Correspondence table Signatures (Type/Creator) / Extensions easily editable
  • Can truncate windows filenames longer than 31 characters, allowing to view these files from Macintosh more friendly than DOS shortnames (8+3).
  • MacNames supports files and sub-folders renaming
  • Can analyze batches of Macintosh files signatures in selected folders.
  • Setting time interval for update. Each folder can be processed using its specific interval for update
  • Setting performance
  • Archive renaming operations in Log files
  • When a folder becomes unknown (folder removed or renamed, lack a connection with a file server, etc.), MacNames can send different kind of warnings: beep, display message, send a message to an administrator, messages in the Log, messages in the Applications EventLog (when MacNames is running as a Windows NT service).
  • Languages: English, French

Platforms: Windows NT 4.0 , Windows 2000 or Windows XP

MacNames can also be installed as a Windows NT/2000 /XP Service. 

Screen Shot :




Online help for detailed instructions to work with MacNames  (F1)

MacNames Main Screen

Download MacNames
2559 Kb

The version to download is complete but needs a registration key to be full operational.
Without this registering, you can only process three folders and a warning message is displayed when a renaming operation succeeds.

Buy MacNames now online and get your registration key :

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Price is 169 US $. Registration key rapidly delivered by email

Site license $750 Corporate license $1300 Support & FAQ

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