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  CrossIPTC tool for IPTC texts mass conversion between Macintosh and Windows when using accents or other extended characters.

File synchronization and data replication software for Windows and Macintosh files backup on Windows computers.

Referenced by ZDNet

Idem has been awarded a 5-star rating at ZDNet and many other sites
MacExplorer Analyzes Macintosh files stored on a Windows NT or 2000 server
4star2000.gif (3474 octets) MacExplorer has been awarded a 4-star rating at ZDNet

Selected on MacHome , September 2000 CD-ROM

Featured in LoCkerGnome (12/27/2000) Displays and can modify the Type/Creator codes (Signatures)

TC Displays the Type and Creator codes of Macintosh files using Windows NT Explorer

TempusFugit Displays time in Roman numerals and date in Latin in Systray
Featured in LockerGnome (9/6/2000)     Good software

SDP (Set Default Printer version 2.0)
Command line utility for setting properties of a printer/output-device

MacNames (Faq MacNames)
Automatic renaming of Macintosh files on Windows NT/2000 Server

4 stars at ZDNet review Awarded 5/5 Stars On The File Transit

EasyConsole Easy MSDOS console using Windows GUI
Featured in LockerGnome Read LockerGnome daily news

A word Calendar macro
Quickly generates HTML summaries of Office files and document  properties including Adobe XMP. Allows meta data extraction into XML format.

Collects Windows 2000 summary informations and Macintosh comments into a file

Selects files changes events in NT4/NT2000 standard Security Log and writes the selected events in the corresponding Windows 2000 and/or Macintosh files comments

Delenda   Erase or transfer old files daily and automatically.

Puts topmost automatically any window and/or disable X close button

How to quickly create an image database from your photo folders

How journalists can create articles directly formatted in XML to be sent via email or ftp to their editors.




Fom-digests lookup "grep" the fom-digests mailing list on the Foundations of Mathematics list





MacExplorer overview in English           Download MacExplorer (2.41 MB) MacExplorer is freeware

An IPTC editor and database software for digital camera users

Add legends to your photos, titles, descriptions, keywords, author, copyright, contacts etc according to the professional IPTC standard . More... These annotations are included and transported within image itself .


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