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Auto delete oldest or expired files in folders, move data not accessed during last 7 days to a different archive or server - folder cleaner utility.

How can I move files that are over x days old and just leave a shortcut?

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How to buy Delenda software for automated file move or suppression?
How does the licensing work for Delenda?
How do I install Delenda?
I like the program but I need some other features, can you customize it for me ?


Which Operating Systems are supported ?
Is it possible to stop/start Delenda from a batch file?
How to run Delenda as a Windows NT or Windows 2000 / XP service ?  
We would like to purge files in a folder on a server which is in a different domain; Can this be done?   
How do I apply the new release ?  

How to configure Delenda to cleanup old files at a certain time?
Can Delenda be activated at a certain time using a scheduler ?

What's new in Delenda v2.414? (current version)
Can I know which files have been deleted or transfered to other folders by Delenda?


Can I use Delenda to transfer files not accessed since 10 days toward an archive folder?   
How to suppress files older than one week ?    

How to keep informed about last updates ?


General questions
How to buy Delenda?
You can test Delenda before you buy. To purchase send us your order and pay with a Wire Transfer or click here to buy online on a secure registration service using your credit card.

French users can also send a bank check  in euros to Patrick Peccatte. Our address is:
Soft Experience
15, Avenue de Villiers
91360 Villemoisson sur Orge - France

 After payment notification we will send you your key to unlock limited functions. Please let us know the company or organization name for registration purposes if applicable. Any question, feel free to send us an email.

Delenda costs 96 $US for single license, 5 licenses promotion pack for 350 $US special 10 licenses for 650 $US, site and corporate licenses on request with volume discounts. No VAT for non European customers. European customers pay 96€ per license including 19,6% VAT. 


How does the licensing work for Delenda?
Delenda license is by machine installed.
With the unit license, you can run it on a laptop, a server or a workstation. Each license will run as an application, a command line or as a Windows service: so you will be able to configure one license to run in an interactive mode on demand on one computer and another one resident on a server as a service for example.

Depending on the needs we can offer Site or a Corporate license based on an estimated volume; This kind of licenses lets you install it in as many computers as needed in a site or all inside a company with very attractive prices.

How do I install Delenda? it is very easy:
Download the software, Unzip and just run DelendaSetup.exe: this will guide your through installation 
The program will install it in your windows \ Program Files directory but you can choose a different one.
After installation, to reach the help, press menu ? + help

What if I get an error message "Failed to load control 'SvcIt' from SVCIT.OCX.  Your version of SVCIT.OCX may be outdated.  Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application". This control is used to run Delenda as a service.

Then :

- uninstall completely Delenda
- rename the file previous svcit.ocx (see in C:\Windows\System32, rename it as scvit.old for example)
- reinstall Delenda to be sure that the one delivered will be registered and used by Delenda

I like the program but I need some other features, can you customize it for me ?
Yes, in some cases we also provide customization.
Send your request for a quotation by emailing us to .  Once we analyzed your needs, we will get back to you with a proposal or add the new function to the standard version for free depending on the situation.
Technical Questions
Which Operating Systems are supported?
Delenda runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003 as an application, on a Windows NT4 or Windows 2000 / 2003 also as service and in command line for batch processing. The interface language is in English and in French. 

Is it possible to stop/start Delenda cleanup tool from a batch file?

Yes, Delenda works also from command line and can be included in batch files.

First in interactive mode, configure the folders and set the options you need. Test your options to validate that they correspond to your expectations running Delenda. 

The command is Delenda -c. You must configure Delenda as Automatic StartUp. Go to menu ? + Help for details.
Another alternative to automatically delete or move files in selected folders : Delenda can also be run as as service on Windows NT, XP, 2000 and 2003 PCs.

How to run Delenda as a Windows NT4 or Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 service?

Delete files service Delenda: if you use it as a service verify the following points:

- do not allow interaction with the desktop
- if you access other machines drives run it using a true account with the appropriate rights (something like 'Administrator'). Do not use the default 'LocalSystem' account. It is necessary to have rights to the folders and files you want to access (and this is not our conditions but Microsoft's...)

See the following articles for more information.
Local System Account and Null Sessions in Windows NT (Q132679)

When used as a service you can start and stop it using a standard start and stop commands of Windows NT/2000/2003. These commands can be included in the standard Windows NT scheduler : AT or WINAT if you have the NT Resource Kit .

To start the service, use the command Net Start Delenda and Net Stop Delenda to stop it.

We would like to purge files in a folder on a server which is in a different domain. Can this be done?
Yes, Delenda can access other server domains if the account have the permissions to access them. 
How to configure Delenda to cleanup old files at a certain time?
Use menu Configuration + Set purge time: it lets you decide the hour and in which days of the week it will delete/move files when running
When Delenda runs, each folder will be analyzed and all files with the number of hours old you decided will be processed. 
Can Delenda be activated at a certain time using a scheduler?
Yes, but the options must be set before the scheduler runs Delenda.exe.
In this case you must configure it with the " automatic start up" option in the configuration menu : when the scheduler launch it, Delenda will start scanning folders for suppression or move.
You can also define if it runs once, checking option "Purge Now and Stop". If you need a permanent removal/move task, leave this option  unchecked. You must also have set purge time and days in Delenda configuration menu. When the program runs it checks if the purge time is reached and then applies your rules.

What's new in Delenda v2.414 current version?

May 2005:

- Allows to move expired files to archiving folders keeping a shortcut on original source folder. 

The shortcuts creation requires that Windows Scripting Host (WSH) is installed on your computer.
You can download it from Microsoft web site, see:
If not installed you get an error message: Run-time error '429'  ActiveX component can't create object

- Delenda reproduces folder structure in target location when moving old files to archives. This function is useful to archive automatically the content of folders to another drive when files reach a specific age.

v2.4g: One bug fix for Windows 2000 platform.
Now allows to suppress files from Windows and WinNT system folder, with a warning message. It  was requested by some system administrators but previously forbidden for security reasons: be careful , don't include Windows folders with system information, you can damage your operating system - just include your own log folder or directories that can be deleted; if you are not sure what content it can be, don't suppress !

How do I apply the new release ?
Download and unzip the lastest version of Delenda for full package installation. 
You can install the full package or just  DelendaEXE file only (in this case download using the link sent in update email information, unzip it and replace your previous Delenda.exe) 
It is recommended to save your registration key before.
If you uninstall previous version and install the new one, please reapply your own registration key.
  Can I use Delenda to transfer files not accessed since 10 days toward an archive folder?
Yes, Delenda also work on file last access date, so you can include one source folder, double click on this row, put keep time = 240 hours (for 10 days), check last access (A) method and choose your destination archive folder to move to.  
How to suppress files older than one week ?
a) To delete files older than 7 days, once you specified the folder, double click on the row and check that you typed 168 hours based on l creation The program works in hours ,you can keep the files in folders using a multiple : 24 for 1days, 168 for one week, 5040 for one month, etc. and even erase files just some 5 hours old; It is the for moving tasks by creation  date,  for example you can have one folder for files created today and another for all previous logs.

b) verify when the purge is programmed: menu configuration + Set purge time, for example all days at 11am when Delenda runs.

c) Start button will scan folders and delete according its parameters until you use stop button for example.

When the purge hour is reached Delenda will start purging all files in that folder that at that time have more than 7 days, if not it will wait  (x seconds) to check for next purge time and so on.
If you checked "Purge now and stop" it means the purge process stops after scanning folders for deletion or for transfer.
If not, of course it can continue running and waiting the next purge day and time or you can use Stop button running.

For your tests, take care, schedule the hour for purge for a little after the moment you use start button (= Delenda will be running, detects that purge time arrives and will check for updates)
How to keep informed about the last updates of Delenda ?
All registered users are in our mailing list and automatically informed about updates. If you have other contacts in your company that you would like to add to the list, just send us the corresponding email addresses :
Can I know which files have been deleted or transferred to other folders by Delenda?
Yes, you can activate a diary log and choose a folder for daily logs. If so, just use shortcut F1 to display the report.
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