SumInfos is a software tool by Soft Experience

SumInfos (SummaryInformations) v. 1.0
collect Windows 2000 summary information, file properties and Macintosh comments via command line


SumInfos (SummaryInformations) is a console utility allowing to collect summary information's (properties) embedded with all Windows 2000 files. It deals with the collection of  Microsoft Office documents properties and Macintosh comments stored on NT volumes.
SumInfos writes collected information via command line into a text file.
[This is useful because these information cannot be indexed by the Indexing service, see Q262666 ]

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Read our article : Métadonnées - une initiation; (metadata information in french)
To catalog file properties in a HTML/XML format we suggest you Catalogue and MetaDataMiner Catalogue Pro for extended file properties extraction also via batch processing in command line.

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   Main features   


SI [-f<output-file>] [-o<options>] [-n<filename>] [-?]

  • A = author
  • C = comments [default value]
  • K = keywords
  • L = last author
  • M = Macintosh comments
  • P = template
  • S = subject
  • T = title
  • X = copy Macintosh comments into NT 2000 comments
Example 1
si -fMyPictures.txt -oCT -n*.jpg

write Comments and Titles for all *.jpg files in MyPictures.txt

Example 2 Use SumInfos in a command file (.bat or .cmd)

@echo off
start /wait si -oXC
type ~si.txt

Copy Macintosh comments into Windows 2000 comments, then display Windows 2000 comments

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The unregistered version is complete but limits the number of displayed files to 5 and the user must answer to message boxes.

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