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TempusFugit 1.07 Download an educational free clock software offered by Soft Experience - TempusFugit  

Display time in Roman numerals and date in Latin in the Windows systray 

TempusFugit is a small original clock for PC displaying time in Roman numerals and date in Latin in the Windows systray. You can use it as a learning tool on your desktop.

Main features:

  • Runs on Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/NT 2000/XP/Vista
  • Display hours, minutes, seconds (or only hours and minutes) in Roman numerals
  • Set Roman script mode (4=IIII, 9=VIIII, etc.) or medieval script mode (4=IV, 9=IX, etc.)
  • Display Latin date in Tooltip.
    Can choose Roman year (from the foundation of Roma: 753 BC) or Christian year.
  • Set font name, font colour, font size, background colour using a contextual menu (rigth click on the display zone)
  • Warning: the Taskbar must be horizontal (up or down)
  • Language : Latin (settings in English)       
Download TempusFugit free (1,45 MB)

Screen shots:

TempusFugit Software screenshot
TempusFugit displays time in Roman numerals, near the standard Windows clock
Current date in Tooltip:
ante diem IX Kalendas Septembres MMDCCLIII ab urbe condita
Day 9 before the Calendes of September, year 2753 (from the foundation of Roma) = August 24, 2000

another example: choosing a different background and text color:

The Roman clock TempusFugit utility running on systray toolbar

TempusFugit settings using
a contextual menu:TempusFugit menu and options

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