WinTopMost utility by Soft Experience

WinTopMost 1.2.4 software : Download v1.2

Disabling close button to keep users from closing selected programs or just some windows based on application name or captions to ensure a proper use when there is a requirement of a clean logout before exit; this feature can secure connections for example using Telnet or preventing impatient users to cancel a DOS batch and consequently causing abnormal termination.

You can also use it to pilot topmost windows applications to be always visible on your desktop i.e. front end of all other windows displayed.  
Optionally use it in command line mode for example included in a batch, without desktop interaction to inactivate a special window close button during programs execution.

New: WinTopMost also allow to disable the minimize button.

Buy your single license for 65 $US or your Site License for only 642 $US and use in a geographical company site
Manage applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, Telnet and other to be always visible on your desktop, set close button disabled for those applications you don't want to close by mistake before complete your work and exit via menu. 

FAQ Download (1535 K)

  Main features :

Site License available for 642 $US   to install WinTopMost in all workstations, servers or laptops for a geographical location.
Corporate License available for 845 $US    for unlimited installation of WinTopMost in all Windows computers of your Company

Screen shot

WinTopMost main screen : the WinTopMost inerface manager
Calc (Calculatrice) is now topmost.
When Microsoft Excel runs, its window is automatically set as topmost by WinTopMost
When PowerDesk runs, its X close button is automatically disabled


Download WinTopMost (1,5 Mo) 5 * File Hungry

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