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How to keep users from closing a Word, Excel, Telnet or any Windows program : disabling close button

WinTopMost software is a desktop utility for an easy control running applications:

A) It disables close button for selected applications or just some windows based on application name or captions to ensure a proper use when there is a requirement of a clean logout before exit;
This feature can secure connections for example using Telnet or preventing impatient users to cancel a DOS batch and consequently causing abnormal termination and exit from dos programs under Windows XP for example.

New: It allows also to disable the minimize button

B) WinTopMost also lets you manage topmost applications to be always visible on your desktop i.e. front end of all other windows displayed. 

Disabling a Close Button ("x") in the title bar of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook or any other program:
When clicking the Close button (or pressing Alt+F4) closes the window. In some cases, you may not want to allow the user to close the window in this manner. WinTopMost offers the possibility to control those programs or just some of their windows hat you prefer to secure and force the user to close via the options of the menu bar.
WinTopMost can also be used for its topmost feature to choose one or more programs to stay always on top of your desktop so that the current window is not hidden by another active program you launched after; of course your continue to be able to put this selected topmost program as a minimized windows or to switch it to a non topmost one when you want.

We offer you the possibility to make a try:
Download a copy of WinTopMost and run a test on your computer for example to remove close button feature for Excel, Word or another program and also to get Outlook on top (1,5 Mo) 

Frequent questions about WinTopMost: FAQ

We help you for any question you might have, drop us a line:
Information request to Patrick Peccatte

To get your license purchase Online the license that best fits your needs:

Order your Single License : 65 $US
and benefit from volume discounts:
5 licenses for 200 $US, 10 copies for only 280 $US

Order your Site License here: 642 $US to install it on all computers of a site

Unlimited Corporate License : 845 $US allows companies to run it on all Windows computers in interactive or command line mode without any limitation on number of installations.

Main features :

  • Selects a program to be always on top: put topmost any window or come back to a "normal" (non topmost) window

The software is able to automatically set topmost any window using its caption and based on a specific characters string. WinTopMost intercepts windows captions when programs are running (you can specify and detect many strings and set topmost different kinds of windows).

  • Disables or enables X close button of any window displayed

Disabling close buttons can be set up automatically according particular windows captions containing specific strings. WinTopMost analyzes windows caption titles of programs running on your desktop (can work with many strings and set close button inactive for several windows).

  • This interface desktop manager runs on Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/Windows 2000/Windows XP
  • Language: English
  • You will also be able to use it in command line mode for example included in a batch, without interface, not visible in systray : "WinTopMost - i". To avoid a second WinTopMost instance just type: "WinTopMost" -i -s"

Easily setup parameters and then let WinTopMost pilot how program instances work on your desktop whether or not the close button (X) will be disabled on screens.

Screen shot looks like this:

WinTopMost main screen : the WinTopMost inerface manager
Calc (Calculatrice) is now topmost.
When Microsoft Excel runs, its window is automatically set as topmost by WinTopMost
When PowerDesk program runs, its X close button is automatically disabled

We offer volume discounts for WinTopMost software licenses

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