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October 2004:

Villemoisson sur Orge, France - Get your digital photo collection organized and searchable with Kalimages software

Soft Experience has just released Kalimages, an easy to use photo catalog solution to collect and edit IPTC data about photos into an integrated searchable database.

Better describing digital photos saves time to all digital camera users, photographers, press agencies and helps locating digital content by subject or keywords.

Kalimages provides functions to update and search on standard and non standard IPTC IIM fields:

- IPTC edition per picture or mass update using selected photos.
- ability to pre-define templates to standardize embeded IPTC metadata, classify and speed up photo cataloging
- keyword occurences analyzis, identification of potential duplicates,
- XML or HTML exports, integration with FOP processor for PDF creation.
- search functions by file name, all IPTC fields and even specific SQL queries.

With Kalimages you will easily manage your photo collection and use it as a professional assistant that helps you locating, tagging, categorizing images of different formats from photo folders.

The standard version costs $34.00
An Evaluation Copy may be downloaded from web site:

April 2004:

Kalinews: the first open source editorial text editor : Product page


Villemoisson sur Orge, France September 2003

Soft Experience announces CrossIPTC software for digital pictures, a new repair and cross-platform conversion tool to efficiently exchange IPTC metadata using extended characters between Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Designed to facilitate images and digital photos transmission, CrossIPTC enables automatic stock photography conversion during migration from one platform to another executing a mass repair on IPTC File Info fields added to JPEG or TIFF pictures: it translates Macintosh extended characters to Windows characters or Windows accents to Macintosh accents.

Since extended characters are absolutely necessary for example in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish texts, no more need to avoid the use of accents for the description of digital pictures to treat by the other platform: the images are always tagged with appropriate accuracy to allow a good cataloguing and indexation.

Some CrossIPTC Features :

- Mass conversion of extended characters into IPTC fields.
- Translates Macintosh accents to Windows accents or Windows accents to Macintosh  characters.
- Works with all standard IPTC fields and with customised (non-standard) fields
- Displays IPTC metadata information for each image
- Lets you copy image IPTC data set to clipboard when browsing folder images.
- Allows to display captured IPTC character strings, in Hexadecimal values
- Optionally keeps a copy of input files to a backup folder.
- Customization of period interval between two scans for processing
- Language: English

CrossIPTC works with all standard IPTC fields and with customised (non-standard) fields.
CrossIPTC runs under Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP in English language.

Trial version online from product page:
Standard Price: 130$US, Special cut price until end of October: 65$US

For more information, please :
Soft Experience
15, Avenue de Villiers
91360 Villemoisson sur Orge - France or visit web site

Villemoisson sur Orge, France May 2003
Replicating Windows folders with Macintosh files on Windows NT / 2000 / XP servers? Idem service does.

With Idem File Synchronization , Soft Experience proposes an interesting tool to cross-platform integration for folder mirroring operations. In version 2.2 the configuration options bring the flexibility needed to setup data back-ups on user request or automated in service mode of Windows NT4, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Idem can carry with NTFS permissions replication or Macintosh specific file structures and optionally renames Macintosh files according to Windows standards to make them easily accessible to PC users sharing those resources.

Evaluation copy from Idem product software page

I dem service offers an attractive solution to simplify Windows and Macintosh cross-platform integration by automatically synchronizing Macintosh files and folders across network drives.

Replication service offered by Soft Experience can be customized by folder for copy/move to target destinations including also a sub-folder synchronization feature creating a target copy identical to source with its sub-directories. The software preserves "Data fork", "resource fork" et "Finder" information during mirroring tasks and allows you to automatically distribute the same master content folder to several networked places .

Options let you maintain file attributes, remove missing files from destination folders and preserve Macintosh filenames on NT/2000/XP servers, run it as a Windows service and parameter time interval for synchronization.

Idem backup solution supports characters forbidden in Windows but authorized in Macintosh file names (\, /, <, >, etc.) and files named with special Unicode characters (Chinese and Korean names) like the other products like MacNames , Delenda , Rarissimo and Catalogue Files Metadata Miner software. Don't miss them in your professional toolkit. A great service for PC-MAC network managers.

Single Idem license costs 93$US. Language: English, French, Portuguese

For more information please visit editor's site:


Villemoisson sur Orge, France, November 23 -
Get more than names from your files with Catalogue Files Metadata Miner 4.1

Soft Experience has released Catalogue Files Metadata Miner 4.1 , a Windows utility to easily display files properties and automatically create useful reports of associated metadata without programming skills.

The new version automates metadata extraction from documents providing capability to download information into an XML format which can be loaded into a metadata repository.

Catalogue Files Metadata Miner becomes a productivity tool for everyone, specially for project managers to quickly generate customized HTML reports with up-to-date information about their data: defined once, refreshed on demand with a simple click. Moreover, for Office documents and Windows 2000 files, it can change properties on a set of documents saving time when a company name changes or when you need to update a set of document templates with a new value for project field.

Collected Metadata includes:

- Adobe XMP (eXtensible Metadata Platform), the new metadata standard for documents produced by recent Adobe software,
- Microsoft Office, Star Office and summary information,
- Summary information of any Windows 2000 file,
- for HTML documents: title and <meta> information according to Dublic Core schema (IETF RFC2731),
- User-defined information of any Microsoft Office or document,
- Macintosh comments of any Macintosh file stored on NTFS volumes,
- PDF Document information (for non encrypted PDF documents),
- IPTC-NAA fields for JPEG/TIFF images.

Catalogue Files Metadata Miner enables users to share documentation metadata with other applications, facilitating integration in Content Management Systems or XML databases: the professional version offers a command line mode for batch processing which automates files metadata extraction into an XML format and is able to apply appropriate XSL transformations to build any text/csv/html/xml report.

Language: English, French, Portuguese - you can easily modify or add your own user interface language.

Catalogue Files Metadata Miner will run under Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP.
The standard version costs $64; The professional version costs $145.

For more information, contact Soft Experience, Patrick Peccatte, 15 Avenue de Villiers 91360 Villemoisson sur Orge - France

Product page:
Soft Experience develops software utilities helping users to automate file and content management with functions like file synchronization, Macintosh file management on Windows platforms,old files purge and file metadata extraction.

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