EasyConsole : a shareware utility by Soft Experience

EasyConsole 1.0              
 Easily pilot a MSDOS console using Windows GUI and saving commands

EasyConsole is a small program allowing to drive an MSDOS console from a Windows application saving you time when you need to launch again the same DOS instructions: on demand, you input a command-line with optional parameter values and the software saves them on a button; next time you need to launch again you just need to click on the button. You will gain on productivity and will be able to save a call to a batch file or any program that runs on command-line batch mode on Windows NT or any Windows system.

Main features

  • Run automatically a slave MSDOS console
  • Navigation through folders using Windows GUI generates the corresponding navigation in the MSDOS console
  • Stores the last 20 commands
  • Can store 10 common commands on 10 buttons

EasyConsole screen shot

  • Runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/NT 2000
  • Language: English

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Free for personal use
For professional use
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Windows Console of EasyConsole

Windows master application (left) and the corresponding slave MSDOS console (right)



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