Delenda è un programma molto semplice che ha la funzione di cancellare file automaticamente ed ogni giorno.
Pulisce i contenuti di un insieme di cartelle, di sottocartelle o usa come riferimento la data di modifica del file o la data di creazione. C'è un'opzione per cancellare tutti i vecchi file di una cartella se e solo se tutti i file sono obsoleti (nessun file è cancellato se esiste un file della cartella che non è vecchio). Puoi inserire l'orario in cui devono essere cancellati i file

 Delenda : finestra principale

Main Features

The production of newspapers for example, generates lots of files that you need to regularly delete :  temporary editorial texts, news agencies stories, unused pages, etc.

Delenda per rimuovere

It runs on Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000

Delenda purges the contents of a defined set of folders

Can remove the contents of sub-folders

The program can select files to delete or move using the file modification date or the file creation date

Option to delete all files of a folder only if all the files are obsolete (i.e. no files are deleted if there exists a file of the folder which is not obsolete)

You can set the daily hour of the purge
and the "keep time" for files in each folder; for example, you can erase files older than 24 hours in a folder, older than 48 hours in a second folder, etc.

Delenda can purge automatically Macintosh files stored on NT file server (Macintosh filenames can contain characters like: /, \, *, <, >, ", |, ?)

Option to allow you to send deleted files to Recycle Bin.

Creation of a daily report log of deleted or moved files.
Language: English, French

Sélect folders for file purge or move

Choosing options in folders configuration menu

To add a folder in the list, right click on the list or select Folders main menu. Then select submenu Add a new folder. You can add the new folder before or after the selected folder. 

To remove a folder from the list, right click on the folder in the list or select Folders main menu. Then select submenu Remove the selected folder from the list. You can also select the folder to remove in the list and press DEL key. 

To modify a folder or the settings of a folder, right click on the folder in the list or select Folders main menu. Then select submenu Modify the selected folder. You can also double-click on the folder name in the list. 

 Folders settings

Files keep time be set for each folder in the list. You can delete files older than 24 hours in a folder, older than 48 hours in a second folder, etc.
You can enter the value that you need (in hours), for example to delete or move files older than 6 montths.

You can include or not subfolders for each folder in the list. 
You can use the file modification date [M] or the file creation date [C] to check old files to delete. 

You can use 3 methods for delete tasks choosing the destination:

- delete old files immediatly 
- delete old files and move them in Recycle Bin 
- move old files toward another folder. 
When you select this option, you must specify a destination folder.

Setting folder options with Delenda


Options to manage log files of Delenda

Delenda can keep names of deleted or moved files into a log file when the Archive deleting operations in Log files is selected.

You can define a folder where daily logs are stored.

Menu Logs/Check Logs (F1 key) opens the last Log file in your browser. You can display a previous Log file clicking the appropriate date in the small displayed window.

Of course Delenda can also remove automatically old logs;  if you choose this option,  you just need to enter the number of days to keep log files using sub menu Logs/Remove Log files automatically.

  Log parameters with the choice of the folder to store log files

Running Delenda

Once settings are configurated you can purge or dispatch defined folders immediately, checking the option Purge now and stop and click on the Start button.

If the option Purge now and stop is not checked, the Start button begins the waiting process until the purge time
Old files are deleted or moved when purge time is reached. 

Waiting purge time, Delenda counts regularly the number of files in the defined folders (including or not subfolders according to the setting of each folder) and updates the Total files column.

 Count/update cycle can be set from 1 to 60 seconds and allows to display the amount of files in each defined folder or tree.When the number of files is increasing (or decreasing), an up (or down) arrow is displayed in the Total files column.
When a folder is unknown, label unknown is displayed in the Total files column.

Counting and updating are not active when Delenda main window is minimized in Systray (but of course the program can delete or move files even when it is minimized in the Systray).

To begin automatically the waiting and counting process when Delenda is running, check the corresponding option in menu Configuration/Automatic start up.
Minimize the main window to put the program icon in the Systray and avoid to display the program in the Taskbar.
Double click on the Systray icon or rigth click and select Show main window to maximize the main window.

The program is able to delete Macintosh files using 'forbidden' characters for Windows : /\*<>""|?
Opened files can not be deleted

Not registered version: you cannot define more than two folders and a message is displayed when purge ends.

Download Delenda (2058 Kb)

This version is complete for evaluation; Non registered program can't purge or move more than two folders and has periodic messages.

To buy Delenda online and get your registration key

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Global settings

Delenda offers several parameters in Configuration menu:

An option to delete read only files : check Delete read only files.

The possibility to delete the files in a folder only if all are obsolete : check Purge only if all files are obsolete option 
Using this option, no files will be deleted in a folder if at least one file is recent.

An option to specify the  purge time and the days of the week when it must be done : check Set purge time 
A popup in the Set time between updates sub menu to change the time interval between screen update (1 to 60 seconds); The Total files columns for each folder will be refreshed, you will know if number of files in folders are increasing or not.

Define the hour of the purge and in wich days Delenda executes the work

Delenda is a purge utility developped by Soft Experience

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