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Frequently Asked Questions about  disable close utility WinTopMost Download : last version of WinTopMost disabling close butons software            Click for a full screen image of WinTopMost
This page will guide users, buyers, software partners and affiliates searching information about our WinTopMost solution. Your comments and opinion are welcome! Thank you for your visit. 


How to purchase WinTopMost software licenses?
How do I install WinTopMost Software?
I like the program but I need other features, can you customize it for me ?  
How can I partner with Soft Experience?  


Which Windows Operating Systems are supported?
Is it possible to launch WinTopMost from a batch file?  
What's new in current version?  
How to apply the new release?  


Can I pilot a window to have its close button disabled based on a specific string?  
Can I use it for Word, Excel, Outlook, Telnet applications?   

How to keep informed about last updates ?

General questions:

How to purchase WinTopMost licenses? Online, via bank check or Wire Transfer ( request us bank information )
We encourage you to first download the demo version and evaluate it before you buy .

WinTopMost can be purchased as unit License, Site License or Corporate license; please click on the corresponding link:

Order now online single licenses for 65$US with volume discounts 
Order a WinTopMost Site license for unlimited use in all machines of a Company Site for 642$US .
Order a WinTopMost Corporate License for unlimited use inside a Company including Multiple Sites for 845$US

A site license entitles an organization to duplicate the software as necessary for use within a site location. A Corporate license offers unlimited use in all sites of the Company.

Our mailing address:

Soft Experience
15, Ave de Villiers
91360 - Villemoisson sur Orge - France

How do I install WinTopMost?  

Download the software, Unzip WinTopMost.zip and run WinTopMostSetup.exe to launch the installation wizard that will guide your through installation 
The setup program will install WinTopMost in your Windows C:\Program Files directory but you can choose a different one.
After installation, configure it according to your needs; To reach the help, press menu ? + help. 
To apply your registration key, please use menu ? + Register WinTopMost to keying your license information received

I like the program but I need some other features, can you customize it for me ?
We can evaluate a customization request. Send your request for a quotation emailing us to 
Once we analyzed your needs, we will get back to you with a proposal or add the new function to standard version for free depending on the situation.

How can I partner with Soft Experience? 

We appreciate partnering with consultants, distributors and resellers offering integrated software solutions or consulting focus on customer satisfaction.

If you have a web site, as a webmaster you can apply to our affiliation program , get deserved revenue proposing and selling our software or add a link to our site in particular if you already have RegNow and ShareIt.

Software sites can also include our software information ( Pad format files available). 

If you want to improve your  knowledge or use of WinTopMost feel free to send us any opinion or question you might have and we will add information to this page.
We are always happy hearing from you and also when you recommend our products

Which Windows Operating Systems are supported? 
WinTopMost uns as an application on Windows 95 / 98 / ME / Windows NT4 / Windows 2000 / Windows XP in interactive mode and also via command-line for batch processing.

Is it possible to use WinTopMost from a command line?

Yes.  Here is an example of the command-line that you can use if you want it invisible in systray : "WinTopMost - i". To avoid a second WinTopMost instance just add -s parameter : "WinTopMost" -i -s"

What's new in current version?

Current release is v1.2 (August 2005): 
Now you can disable close buttons using exact match caption string for example to set disabled a close button of a program but not for its help window.
How to apply the new release ?
Download , unzip and run wizard delivered. It is recommended to save your registration key before. 
Can I pilot a window to have its close button disabled based on a specific string?  
Disabling close buttons or setting a window topmost can be done automatically according particular windows captions containing specific strings. WinTopMost analyzes windows caption titles of programs running on your desktop (can work with many strings and set close button inactive for several windows).

In disable close feature for an exact string match use "/" delimiter at begining and end of the characters string you need to match.

Can I use it for Word, Excel, Outlook, Telnet applications?
Yes, you can use WinTopMost for any Windows program running on your PC.

How to keep informed about the last updates of WinTopMost software?
All registered users are in our mailing list and automatically informed about updates. If you have other contacts in your company that you would like to add to the list, just send us the corresponding email addresses   
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