Catalogue Photos, add captions, descriptions, search images using keywords navigating directly within your photo collection stored on PC folders. 

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  How to create the IPTC photo database?

Image editing software to document digital content and create photo albums
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Kalimages :

Allows you to create a catalog of hundreds of digital images stored on your disk; getting associated defined properties (such as a description, photographer's name, keywords, date, and category) and providing interesting search and selection capabilities.

You don't need to add photos one by one into the database; the program scans specified folders and imports automatically the photo list with the associated information into the database. It is possible to create various databases. Keyword editor including Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I & II for subject headings terms.

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You can select several photos and then copy them to another folder, search on a particular keyword and display selection, or execute further queries on words from all fields embedded into the images. Allows copy of a selection of to other folders and SQL for specialized queries

If you have family photos you can even use it as a genealogical resource to browse ancestors, search by birth date or any other IPTC field previously attached to photos. Search engine to find and manage your photos. Create a nice photo database, edit, and search IPTC headers.

Kalimages image software editor is also in French , Spanish , Portuguese language for photo journalists standalone or integrated with Kalinews