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Kalimages software to create a keyword photo database and search images


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If you have a huge number of images or photos it is important to locate them rapidly instead of browsing. Keywording and categorisation is the key to find your pictures. Build your pictures database with captions, descriptions and keywords to speed up photo search. 

Kalimages manages embedded metadata for photograph and IPTC properties: a photographic read/write metadata software.



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Quick Start
Assuming you have installed and started Kalimages software successfully, let's define your database and use in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: create


Click on define database and folders to scan, then on the new dialog box, click on button:
Add folder to scan
and select your picture folders. Check the folders that you want to index.

Check Create thumbnails if your are using Windows NT/XP/2003 operating systems also to speed up the search,

Click on button Scan checked folders to scan.
When the photo indexation is finished, use Exit  button.

That's all, your database is created!

You can create more than one database:  use Create New Database button, specify a file name, execute Step 1. Your collection is ready.

Step 2: search

retrieve metadata for images

Configure your search options (F2),

Kalimages will find your photos using photo name, digital file path  IPTC or XMP metadata fields.
Search options can be set to search only within some metadata fields for example Title, Copyright, City, Date created, Headline or any keyword.

Type the term to search, click on  Search button to locate related images.

Search results can be sorted by size, name, urgency, source, etc.

Images corresponding to search in your database are listed as thumbnails. Clicking on a photo displays all information is below, search word terms are highlighted in blue and bold. Of course photo metadata can also be copied to clipboard with Kalimages using right contextual menu. You can also send selected digital photos via email.

Photo metadata reader software

Step 3: edit and analyze





Show to other: use Kalimages photo slideshow (F9)

Kalimages offers innovative features for digital editors to manage photo collection information:

- Possibility to select a list of photos and save it for further use,
- Copy of selected images to another folder to organize or distribute a collection,
- function to send selected digital photos by email with related metadata,
- creation of templates to tag selected images with common classification, mass update,
- a lexicography analyzer to count the number of word  occurrences in the database
- search for duplicate files
- export to XML and enhancement SQL queries.
- an auto index of keywords
to navigate within your collection instead of typing terms,
- an IPTC/XMP editor to annotate photos with customized additional fields one by one or mass updating via templates:
image editing tool for keywording pictures

 Accurate classification for stock photography management, tool to export photos to html presentation.

Kalimages image processing tool offers English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish interface language for your digital photography management with tag search features even on jpeg image with xmp data.

English, French

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