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Kalimages : captioning and searching digital images using IPTC/IIM and XMP standards for photo indexation


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Photos management software Kalimages offers search on iptc keywords - image indexer - add captions, IPTC headers and xmp meta data to image files
Photo catalog software, view, list to html, Iptc headers editor.

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Kalimages is an innovative IPTC and XMP retrieval and editing software for image files allowing to catalog metadata into an integrated database to rapidly review, index, identify and view photos. 

Kalimages makes your photo collection more accessible, tags searchable, navigable, browsing a pictures database with thumbnails, adding sort capabilities on captions, descriptions or other IPTC/IIM or XMP embedded metadata imported from your image files. Photographers and news services: you can find images by keywords, analyze words occurrences, use templates for predefined tags, name selections, create XML or HTML reports, build PDF presentations.

Order your Kalimages now and start enjoying immediately your new metadata analyis, reporting and editing tool (47$US) buy it now.  

Kalimages has IPTC and XMP editing capabilities for archiving and retrieval of digital assets, providing you with enhanced functions to embed captions, credits, location, times and dates, etc. within digital photos and scans.

Kalimages also manages standard IPTC Core fields and allows you to define your own XMP metadata schemas templates to classify and speed up the process of publishing photos.(IPTC4XMP)

Software for digital camera users, photographers, journalists, photo librarians to caption and describe your pictures content with ease. Prepare images for sale adding descriptions, captions, keywords, copyright, location, any information that can be indexed making them searchable and helping customers to find them.

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How to create the IPTC photo database?  


IPTC editing software according IPTC standard - meta data

More information about IPTC/IIM and XMP:  FAQ Kalimages for  image metadata search, management & extraction 

and our page in French Métadonnées: une initiation (section IPTC)


Make captions,  Create a photo album How to create a photo album with Kalimages software using searchable taggs - example of html output using Kalimages via menu Tools, extract metadata, export XML with or without thumbnails and display XML

    Main features: 

read/write IPTC and XMP information contained in graphic files, index metadata into a database

  • Creation of one or several databases of pictures with IPTC or XMP  information extracted from many sets of images. The user defines one or more folders to analyze and Kalimages scans images adding the IPTC metadata for indexation into the integrated database.
  • Full support of new standards IPTC Core and DISC
  • Kalimages allows customized XMP schemas 
  • Supports IPTC NewsCodes in IPTC Core descriptions  Add captions, keywords metadata to jpeg digital pictures using standard controlled vocabularies
    - picture metadata editor with possibility to build a keyword database to select keywords from when editing.
  • Supports Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I & II for subject headings terms, creation of personalized keyword catalogs
  • Customized controlled vocabularies (with hierarchy and synonyms)
  • Catalog and search images using IPTC or XMP information. It is also possible to find images using files and/or folders names and use digital photos custom tags 
  • Searching whole words or character strings to rapidly locate your photos and multi-criteria keyword search
  • Capability to translate automatically the search word. For example, when you search soccer, Kalimages is searching in fact soccer or football
  • Capability to select only images with one or more IPTC fields, or to select only images without any IPTC data
  • Capability to select only images that have a specific IPTC field value (for example: select all images with one or several keywords)
  • Display IPTC tags and search for custom and non standard IIM fields: easily view the jpeg metadata.
  • IPTC editor functionality provides IPTC edition per image (including non standard information) for labeling photos and manage image fileproperties
  • MS Word spell checker to control IPTC input text
  • Mass IPTC edit and update of a group of images using predefined models (templates) to tag photos and change or append data into iptc fields.
  • Capability to select images not yet edited or to select images already updated (sorted by update date)
  • Searching for duplicate filenames accross folders
  • Lexicographic analysis of words used in a set of images, sort words by number of occurrences, display of misspelled words according to MS Word spell checker, navigation by words in results
  • Export of  IPTC information to an XML or HTML format (using an XSL transformation) or to PDF (using FOP processor) and list of iptc fields as a csv file using the standard comma or semicolon delimited xslt transformation delivered by the program.
    To display a PDF presentation sample generated by Kalimages (883 KB), click on following icon
  • Integration with KaliNews editorial text processing system for professional uses; image management software for integration in applications.


  • New features added in June 2006 for Kalimages software: 
    • display a slideshow (F9) of selected photos including automatic tool tips for text information - (customize display via F4), select text and background color for tool tips. This can be useful for exhibitions or congresses. 
    • send an image selection via email with metadata list added also in the message text.
    • copy image or thumbnail to clipboard for a paste to another application. 
    • a contextual menu for rapid keyword addition and image management  (right click on pictures to have it displayed) 
    • new customizing options in particular to change the tool tip color (text and background) 

  Technical architecture

Kalimages is a Windows application (95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003).
Optimized storage of low definition thumbnails requires Windows NT, 2000, XP ou 2003 and NTFS drives. Kalimages uses SQLite database technology.

Interface languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese; you can easily add your own language.


  For futher technical or commercial information about Kalimages, please contact : info@softexperience.com
Your suggestions and comments are welcome.

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 Kalimages: Managing digital images using IPTC embedded metadata for search and reporting - fileproperties, taxonomy software, xmp meta data manager

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