Did you know that Idem File Synchronizing software solution can help you in files replication including ACLs permissions?

Yes, Idem can check and copy files or folders security information ( ACL permissions - access-control lists on NTFS partitions) and the files and folders attributes (hidden, system, archive, etc.) while make sure files updates are replicated across two computer units selected folders.

Use Idem for automation of file synchronization and data replication between folders. At regular time interval the software checks a list of source folders and mirror files updating target folders with new or modified sub-folders and files with their ACLs. It distributes and secures critical data duplicating it from a master computer location to another when original new files are created in a source folder or when they are modified. 

Does Idem synchronize Macintosh files on Windows NTFS volumes?   YES
Is it possible to synchronize files with Unicode characters in filenames?   YES
Can Idem be set up as a Windows NT or Windows 2000 service? YES

Folder synchronization software tool IDEM features
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check the FAQ page for synchronization features or configuration and find more information about it on Folder synchronization Product page of Soft Experience web site.
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You can use it to create a mirror for disaster recovery or to backup files and synchronize across local or network directories for. For example use Idem to synchronize a laptop folder with its sub-folders on a network and for real-time mirroring of folders on ZIP drive, CD-RW, removable hard disk.

Soft Experience tools focus on file and content management with functions like file synchronization, Macintosh file management on Windows platforms, automation of file purge and image or document metadata extractionAdditional products information

Alternate Data Streams and NTFS files can also be compressed by Rarissimo with WinRar to be sent via email and keep all their attributes.

Idem helps to maintain the ntfs and share permissions- read 10 things about working with NTFS permissions