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GeoIPTC geocode your images using metadata standards
(IPTC and XMP)


GeoIPTC geocoding software

Make your photo collection automatically geocoded with GeoIPTC

GeoIPTC is an innovative tool to add geographical identification to your images (geocoding) according to IPTC and XMP metadata embedded in images.

GeoIPTC reads all IPTC and IPTC Core metadata embedded in an image, isolates localisation data (City, Location, Province/State, Country Code and Country Name), then sends a request to a Geocoding Web Service and finally gets latitude/longitude coordinates.
To say it briefly: GeoIPTC gets geographical information from the “postman address” embedded in image.

IPTC editing software according IPTC standard - meta data

Learn more about  IPTC/IIM, IPTC Core  and XMP:  FAQ Kalimages for  image metadata creation, search, management & extraction 

and our page in French Métadonnées: une initiation

Main features 
  • Gets full sets of image standard metadata :
    • Exif metadata including GPS data
    • the legacy IPTC/IIM including the non standard field Location (#92) sometimes used with some IPTC editors and important for geocoding
  • Automatically gets longitude/latitude from widely used Geocoding Web Services like Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps or GeoNames.
  • Locate automatically images on Maps Services like Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and MapQuest
  • Generate automatically KML or KMZ placemarks and locate single (one image) or multiple (many images) placemarks on Google Earth with full IPTC/IPTC Core metadata
  • Set automatically single or multiple images with appropriate Exif GPS coordinates
  • Supports JPEG and TIFF image formats
  • Based on widely used images metadata standards: Exif, IPTC, IPTC Core, XMP
  • A low cost solution to quickly geocode images and get photos geottaged 

 Platform and technical architecture

  • GeoIPTC is a Windows application running on 2000, XP, 2003, Vista. 
  • Internet connection required to access Geocoding Web Services
  • Images can be stored on any attached drive including Unix/Linux with Samba
  • Exif GPS writing using external program ExifTool (by Phil Harvey) shipped with GeoIPTC
  • Interface language: English
  • current version: 1.0.1
  • Caution: if you experience a problem with Microsoft XML parser version 6 (MSXML6) not installed, please download it first,  install it and after run GeoIPTC.

GeoIPTC main window

GeoIPTC main window

This image Paris.jpg contains:
  • Exif metadata (but no Exif GPS location data)
  • IPTC/IIM metadata
  • IPTC Core metadata
GeoIPTC collects all location metadata from IPTC and IPTC Core:
  • City = "Paris"
  • Location = "Tour Montparnasse"
  • Country Name = "France"
Then the program gets latitude/longitude from a Geocoding Web Services allowing to show the placemark on a Maps Service or on Google Earth (see below) or to generate Exif GPS data inside the image file.
A fully documented placemark in Google Earth Fully documented placemark in Google Earth

Download this sample KMZ placemark automatically generated by GeoIPTC
Get longitude and latitude in photos with GeoIPTC software

 For more technical or commercial information about GeoIPTC, please contact :

We can help you developping your images database: XMP proprietary schemas, custom panels, DBSight integration, etc.
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