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CrossIPTC Software 1.2 - IPTC accents converter tool for digital photos - synchronize XMP metadata with IPTC metadata - strip XMP metadata blocks

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CrossIPTC recodes IPTC data headers to Windows set of characters when created by a Macintosh computer [or vice-versa] to ensure compatibility and properly display author, captions, keywords, categories, credits, and other information containing texts with accents.

CrossIPTC can also synchronize XMP metadata with IPTC metadata (or strip XMP metadata); it could be useful when you modify metadata with an IPTC editor which is not able to write XMP block (then IPTC metadata and XMP metadata are not synchronized).

IPTC File Info fields added to your pictures identify images you send to your partners. This standard is supported by programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Kalimages, MetadataMiner Catalogue Pro and most professional image database software.

A problem occurs when you write IPTC metadata containing extended characters such as accents using one platform and transfer your photos to people using another platform: text fields in your images appear with invalid extended characters. Adobe recommends to avoid use of extended characters in a File Info (see here). But this is not an acceptable solution because accents are absolutely necessary for French, German and Spanish texts (for example).

Another problem can occurs when you edit metadata with an "XMP-aware" editor and modify these metadata using an IPTC editor not able to write XMP block. Then you can display "old" metadata when you go back to the "XMP-aware" editor.

Coding IPTC from Mac to PC - see the difference:

IPTC Invalid characters when displayed on Windows Platform IPTC fields translated to valid Windows characters


After CrossIPTC

CrossIPTC can also synchronize XMP metadata with IPTC metadata; it could be useful when you modify metadata with an IPTC editor which is not able to write XMP block (then IPTC metadata and XMP metadata are not synchronized).

See screenshots and examples  

Some CrossIPTC Features :

  • Mass conversion of extended characters into IPTC fields of an entire image folder .
    Translates Macintosh accents to Windows accents or Windows accents to Macintosh  characters. (using character mapping in IPTC)
  • Works with all standard IPTC fields and with customized (non-standard) fields
  • Optionaly synchronizes XMP metadata with IPTC metadata, or removes XMP metadata
  • Displays IPTC metadata information for each image
  • Read IPTC data, copy and extract image IPTC metadata set from jpeg to clipboard when browsing folder images.
  • Allows to display captured IPTC character strings, in hexadecimal values
  • Optionally keeps a copy of input files to a backup folder.
  • Customization of period interval between two scans for processing

System requirements:

  • Windows 95/98, NT4, Me, 2000 or XP
  • Pentium or higher recommended
  • Super-VGA monitor or better recommended
  • 2 MB (minimum) of free disk space

Some suggested uses:

  • If you have a big stock of photos annotated on Macintosh platforms to migrate to Windows, CrossIPTC will scan your input folder executing an automated mass conversion of IPTC Headers and providing you with a translated set of photos into output folder.

  • It is easy to get images with IPTC/IIM and XMP metadata not synchronized when the image workflow uses different programs to edit metadata; for example, if you edit metadata using an IPTC editor not able to write XMP block, you can display "old" metadata using Adobe Photoshop CS.
    CrossIPTC allows to re-synchronize XMP metadata with corresponding IPTC metadata.
    Another more radical soltion is to strip XMP blocks from your images using CrossIPTC (because you lost in this case all XMP metadata, it is better to synchronize XMP with IPTC rather than to strip XMP).

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