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How to cleanse metadata from documents with MetaDataMiner Catalogue PRO software

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For your convenience, Metadata Miner Catalogue software allows you to setup a list of standard and customized fields with values, save the list as a template, apply it on selected Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

This template list can then be used as a model for a mass update on all documents within a folder and optionally in a recursive way including sub-folders. Of course you may also use it to set metadata values to blank or zero by file types, on selected files or on all Office files within a folder.

Office file properties that can be cleansed:
Standard: Author, Subject, Keywords, Revision number, Manager, Company
Customized: all user defined.

Summary Information Cleanse example:
Set a list of metadata fields to specific values using your custom template

If you would like to set "Company" standard field and "Project" user defined field to all documents you choose:

1- open Mass Update dialog box (F6)
2- click on Settings , create a new model-template and choose those properties, indicate new values
3- click on Modify button to apply changes on documents you choose
4- then this template will be saved and you will be able to recall it later via button Settings and apply again on other set of documents just using Modify button.

Example - Pictures:
below, before changing the Project field, the name of project is not tagged with Alfa value in all files:

Metadata retrieval and display

Via Mass Update dialog box we have set Company ='Soft Experience' and Project='Alfa', then clicked on Modify Button to apply and save this settings:

add default Company and Project metadata to Word documentsquickly

After that, we can also create a cleanse template that will set up Comments and Revision number to blank and zero, suppressing existing metadata in these 2 fields when using Modify button.

Setting Comment blank and revision to zero

This results as following - first modification put "Alfa" into Project name, second initialized  Comments and Revision number fields:

Metadata Miner Catalogue Pro software retrieves metadata from Office documents into different lists: XML, HTML, CSV, Word. Use the software Metadataminer Catalogue to create a folder directory list  in html format.
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