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CrossIPTC Support Page

In addition to this page, you will find information about CrossIPTC in :

  • Product page and Screenshots page,
  • ? Help menu when running the program (F1 shortcut)
  • or  via email with any question you might have about this utility.

First time use of CrossIPTC:

CrossIPTC is designed to help you starting with the software: it will guide you to configure it properly highlighting in its interface the areas you must fill in; therefore if after configuration, one input source or output destination folder is missing because meanwhile you suppress it, CrossIPTC will automatically recognize asking you to do it again.

Testing material for trial version:

As in any test, it is recommended you work with a copy of your files and separate test data in separate  folders; so start creating DataIn, DataArchive, DataOut folders and put your example files in DataIN.

You would like to see what CrossIPTC can do for you but don't have some file examples on your Windows testing computer? Here is a sample zip file with  2 demo jpeg files (135 K) you can download it  and store content  into your DataIn folder to work with or just using " Canal Briare.jpg "photo that contains IPTC Headline with Macintosh characters; see characters display before, then after repair by CrossIPTC.

Trial version limitation: repairs 10 first characters of each IPTC field.
Registered version fully processes IPTC header texts.

Registered users:

As a registered user of CrossIPTC software you permanently benefit of a fee email support and free upgrades! . Download last version here . 1.1.3

Email Support:  

Useful links:

CrossIPTC Details Download trial                       Buy Now ! 95

Online software distribution :

Eliminating bulky boxes allows us to provide the software for a lower price, saving natural resources and providing always recent versions available for download.
Help files are included within setup and additional documentation on the web site.

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Learn how to convert IPTC texts from Mac to PC with CrossIPTC - cross-platform software for image Metadata Management tasks: Image Description, Indexing and Cataloguing


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